Mobile Baccarat Online USA

If you have never played a table game at an online casino you might be a bit overwhelmed by the baccarat table layout. You don’t need to be. This simple card game is easy to play and easy to grasp. You’ll be a pro after a few short rounds, and set to win thousands of US$. Playing baccarat at a land based casino, online or on your mobile casino device is just about the same. The same rules apply so you can take your new found knowledge to any platform that you choose.

After a lengthy review process we have listed some of the best American mobile baccarat casinos for you to choose from. All aspects from fair game play to fast and secure deposit and withdrawal transactions have been accounted for.

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How to Play Baccarat

Mobile baccarat, very similar to blackjack takes a matter of minutes to grasp. The game is played with between 6 – 8 decks of cards, and from those cards you will be dealt a hand of 2 cards. Your main aim is to make sure that your 2 cards equal a total of 9 points. Cards numbered 2 to 9 get the face value of the card. The King, Queen, Jack and 10 are equal to 0, and the Ace equals 1. If you hit a score of over 10 you will then need to deduct 10 from the overall score and what’s remaining is the number you will play with. Whoever’s hand is closest to an overall of 9 points wins the round. You will bet against the player, a tie or the banker. If the first 2 cards you receive are nowhere near to where you want to be you can have the virtual dealer deal out more cards by clicking on ‘deal’.

Once you’ve got the understanding you will then need to choose one of the best American mobile baccarat casinos from our trusted list, register an account and you’re all set to go. You can choose to either download the mobile casinos software or play directly from your mobiles web browser. Remember that most of the top mobile casinos allow you to play games for free giving you extra time to master the game before playing for real money.

Place Winning Baccarat Bets

Placing a bet in mobile baccarat is simple. At the bottom of your screen you select the chip size you would like to bet and click on ‘bet’ to place it. You can bet on either the player, or the tie which is betting on a win between the player and the banker, or you can choose to bet on the banker. Remember that a players bet pays even money, if you win on a tie bet you will be paid out 8:1, and a bankers bet pays out more regularly.

If you’re new to mobile baccarat and you want to test out a few hands first without betting large amounts you should opt to place your bet on the banker, payouts are more regular so you’ll get a fair chance at winning. The worst hand to bet on would be the tie bet which although it has a high payout the house average is generally high here too, so unless you’re certain of a win its not advisable..

Coupled with the tips above and a few trial and error game plays you’ll master this mobile baccarat game in no time. Choose from our list of the best US

mobile casinos suited for Americans and you can’t go wrong.

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