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The only thing better than playing your favourite online blackjack casino game from the comfort of your own home is playing it from the comfort of your mobile device anywhere in America. You will experience the same thrills and frills from playing blackjack at your favourite online casino in America on your mobile device as you would on your PC or Mac. The basics are exactly the same, nothing really changes. The only real difference is the size of your screen, unless you have a mobile device with a 22’inch screen. Here on our site you will find a list of the best USA mobile casinos that’s on offer to Americans. We have reviewed them all and made sure that all boxes are ticked.

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2 $7777 Over 750 Games

Best Blackjack Moves

Whip out your mobile device; go to your web browser, type in your online casino of choice and hit go. Here you might be prompted to download an app version of mobile blackjack if there is an app version available or you can play instantly from your browser. Alternatively visit your app centre and select a casino from there. Remember to look out for the names in our list of the best American mobile blackjack real money casinos, and you can’t go wrong. The option is there to play for real money, but you can opt to play a free game to give you a chance to get used to the game.

Get Your Winning 21 Hand

Mobile blackjack works the same as it would at a land based or online casino. Your aim remains to hit the infamous 21 card count. The dealer will deal you 2 cards face up. The dealer will then deal himself 2 cards, 1 of the cards will be faced up for you to see and the other one will be faced down. This is where the gamble begins. Firstly, you need to know what the value of each card is. 2 – 10 are face value cards; the value you see is the value you get. Your face cards, the Jack, Queen and King are all valued at 10, and lastly the Ace amounts to a 1 or an 11. Once you’ve calculated the amounts on your 2 cards and it’s a low amount then you can ask the dealer to hit you with another card. If your value is high (close to 21) it’s advisable to stay. You need to keep in mind though that should you choose to take another card and the value thereafter is more than 21 then you lose and the house wins. If your 2 cards are the same then you can choose to split your hand and double your chances. Remember that the main aim of the game is to have a higher card value than the dealer equal to or closest to 21. In the case that your cards tie with the dealer’s cards, then you get to keep your bet. Your dream hand will be a face card and an ace. That’s 21 right there. Paying attention to the dealers hand is key; once you’ve mastered that mobile blackjack will become second nature.

Mobile blackjack is an exciting casino game and can entertain you for hours, and quite possibly see you winning big. You’ll find all the best mobile blackjack sites listed here, and every American player is welcome to play this exciting card comparing game on the go!

20 spins Over 500 Games
$7777 Over 450 Games