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In this day and age, most people in America own or have access to a mobile device or even two. If you are a major Keno fan, getting your hands on a mobile device now could not be more thrilling. Top online mobile casinos now offer US players access to mobile Keno, a sleek and convenient way to access, play and win real money without having to journey all the way to a casino, or be tethered to your desk. Commuting and waiting in lines in order to play have been eradicated from the equation, with due gratitude given to the advancement of mobile technology.

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2 $7777 Over 750 Games

How To Play Mobile Keno

On the virtual Keno board, 80 numbers can be seen. Players choose up to 15 numbers which they feel could be the lucky combination that will be revealed during the draw. The random number generator will then randomly select the numerical combination and if any of your numbers match the ones that are rolled out, you have won. The more matching numbers you receive, the higher the chances are for you to win the grand prize, depending on how much you have wagered.

For instance, if one of your numbers gets a match, then your payout will be three to one on your bet. Let us say that all 15 of your numbers receives a match, you will literally hit the jackpot at 10 000 to 1. Now that is a lump sum hard to refuse, especially since you can play whenever your heart desires from wherever you are. As the numbers roll out, you will mark the virtual playing card just like in bingo, until all the numbers have been revealed. The beauty about mobile Keno is that you can play over and over again from the palm of your hand, even if it is for just a quick round during your lunch break.

Advanced Mobile Software

Mobile software is advancing at an increasingly rapid rate and American players passionate about Keno are more than benefitting from it. Mobile Keno offers an outstanding gaming experience that comes with a variety of themes and music, creating an ideal virtual environment for every US player’s interest. Carry your mobile device wherever you with just the tap of your fingertips, playing to your comfort and favourite tune. Tailor your gameplay to a manner that best suits you and win bigger than ever. Playing from your mobile allows you the opportunity to practice in your own time and reach expert level without any restrictions. As keno is largely a game of luck there are few strategies that can be employed, but many players rely on a betting system that can enhance their chances of a bigger win. You can try out these systems of just pick your lucky numbers, hoping that your ticket is the winning one!

Play at Mobile Keno Casinos

Choosing the right mobile Keno casino for your device might be daunting since the virtual world is swarming with scams and viruses. Luckily, this site has compiled a list of the best and most trustworthy American mobile casinos that accept players from the US and offer entertainment compatible with your device. Play at ease and win knowing that your money is in safe hands, and enjoy an authentic and refreshing mobile keno experience that’s designed to thrill.

20 spins Over 500 Games
$7777 Over 450 Games