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There seems to be a misperception out there that craps is a difficult game to attempt playing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This exciting dice game is not limited to just land based casinos, you can now play online or mobile craps on your iPhone or Android betting device.

When you’ve decided to try your luck at craps the last thing you want to do is worry about safety and security. We have reviewed many mobile casinos and have come up with a list of some of the best mobile craps casinos suitable for American players to plat at.

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Register a Mobile Casino Account

Once you’ve chosen one of the best mobile craps casinos you will need to register a casino account. A few of your basic details will need to be filled in and in no time you’ll be ready to make some quick US$. Craps itself isn’t that difficult to pick up. The mobile craps board that you’ll be faced with can look a bit confusing but if you look past that it’s really just a numbers game.

The game is played with 2 dice. Craps isn’t always limited to just one player, there can sometimes be multiply players playing at the same time. Each player takes a chance to roll the dice. Click on the ‘roll’ button when it’s your turn and wait to see what the outcome is. 7 and 11 (winning bet) are the numbers to look out for, and if you manage on your first roll to land on dice that equate to these numbers you will automatically win. It’s pretty much out of your control however hold thumbs that your dice don’t land on the numbers 2, 3 or 12 (losing bet). If you land on these unlucky numbers it’s called ‘craps’ and you lose the round.

Winning Craps Combinations

Here is a list of a few popular bets in mobile craps that will help you get a better understanding and help you plan your next big win.

The first bet is the ‘pass line’ bet, this bet is based on if the dice don’t fall on either the winning or losing bet numbers. To break this cycle the next dice roll will have to land on a 7 or on any of the other numbers. If it lands on the number you originally landed on you will win, if it lands on the 7 first you will lose.

Another bet to remember is the ‘don’t pass’ bet, and this one mimics the reverse of the ‘pass line’ bet. If you land on the losing bet numbers (2, 3 or 12) you win, and if you land on the winning bet numbers (7 and 11) you will lose. If your next dice roll lands on the 7 first you will win.

The ‘come’ bet is when you aim to land on any of the winning or losing bet numbers. If for instance one of the dice lands on any of the other number then your next roll will have to land on that same number too. If it lands on a 7 first you lose.

The ‘don’t come’ bet is another popular bet you can expect to see which is the direct opposite of the come’ bet. It might all sound a bit confusing but after a few minutes of play time you’ll have it waxed.

Try your luck and win big at one of our listed mobile craps casinos for American mobile casino players.

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